On Tasting Old Wine

We have acquired bottles that many would dismiss as dusty old relics.

The passing of time and the evolution in bottle really is a testament to the quality and skill of the place and people who bottled the wine. Not to mention the steadfast strength in not drinking it all.

Just like when wine is young and first released, imagination is required to plot its course and determine its optimum drinking window. So too is imagination sometimes required with old wine. Namely, how to treat it once opened and how to enjoy it once you do.

‘If you set out to look for faults, you’re bound to find something to complain about. The point is to appreciate their elegance and complexity – and to think about the romantic notion of what was happening when the wine was made.’

This quote is from Jancis Robinson, a person who has looked at several lifetimes’ worth of wine both young and old. She has applied her imagination and found just rewards when doing so.

We encourage you to do the same.